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Logan Roise timber cruisingLogan Roise was a participant of the Atlantis program, which gave him a unique opportunity to study forestry at three different universities. Logan’s time at NCSU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and the University of Helsinki has provided him with a strong international perspective on forestry practices and awareness of similar, as well as, different management issues.  He completed a MS in Forestry  in Summer 2016..

Logan Roise’s research focused on the use, nonuse, or lack of long-term supply contracts in bioenergy. He wanted to learn more about the practices, potential strategies and specific factors that influence how power companies, bioenergy producers (biofuels & pellets), and landowners (both private and TIMOs) use, or don’t use, long-term supply contracts. His goal was to show what an “average” long-term supply contract might look like and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such contracts. Logan’s research is very important to the development of the bioenergy industry because one of the main obstacles to its wider development has been the lack of long-term supply contracts, an issue researchers have not yet tackled. The study is focused on the immediate region surrounding North Carolina and will be compared to the procurement decisions of stakeholders in Scandinavia.

Logan is currently a Senior Portfolio Analyst at Hancock Timber Resource Group in Boston, MA.