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Timber stand at sunset in South CarolinaThe forestry industry in South Carolina is positioned for significant growth in the decades ahead, according to a study conducted by nationally prominent forestry expert Dr. Robert Abt of North Carolina State University.

The goal of the new study was to develop overall wood supply projections for the entire state of South Carolina that would help identify opportunities to meet the goals of the 20/15 Project – a cooperative venture among the Forestry Commission, the SC Forestry Association and partners. The project is designed to grow the state’s forest industry to $20 billion in annual economic impact by the year 2015.

Dr Bob Abt - NC State UniversityCommissioned in August 2012, the study took nine months to complete and will be formally presented in depth to the forestry community by its author, Dr. Abt, at the SC Forestry Association annual meeting in October.

A noted specialist in regional timber markets and natural resource management, Dr. Abt teaches and conducts research at NC State’s College of Natural Resources. He received his BS from Georgia Tech, MS from the University of Tennessee and Ph.D. from the University of California-Berkeley.

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