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Creekmore, Lawson

Lawson Creekmore in front of some tall mountains

About me: I am originally from Chesapeake, Va. and have been a nature lover for as long as I can remember. I think my experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail with a forester friend encouraged me to follow in his steps and study forestry in college. Toward the end of my time as an undergraduate I became interested specifically in forest economics and how resource decisions are made. That interest brought me here to NC State to pursue a Master’s degree in Forest Economics.

Area of research: I am working on modeling timber supply from forest plantations in several South American markets.

Career goal: Right now I think I would enjoy doing forest plantation consulting work throughout the Americas. If that sounds quite general and nonspecific, it’s probably because I’m open to many different possibilities and I try not to plan too far ahead.

Previous degrees: BS in Forest Resource Management from Virginia Tech

Other interests: backpacking, travel, playing music, gardening

Degree earned:  Master of Science in Forestry, Summer, 2015.  Currently Forest Analyst, American Forest Management.