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10012520_10205694687378801_5771107342633847668_nAs the second summer session at NCSU wraps up so does the summer coursework of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources Summer Camp. This year 43 students participated and completed the program. We had 11 students in the Forestry Management program (9 weeks) and 32 students in the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Summer Camp program (6 weeks). The students gain course credit, hands-on experience, and networking with students and faculty. The syllibi include several courses:

Forestry: Mapping and Mensuration, Forest Wildlife, Forest Communities, Silviculture, and Fire Management

Fisheries/Wildlife: Marine Fisheries, Fisheries Techniques and Management, Fisheries and Wildlife Inventory and Management, Mountain Wildlife Ecology
The camps locations vary each week between Camp Slocum, Hill Forest, coastal North Carolina, the mountains and other locations.

Planning for each year begins months in advance and the faculty arrange their topics, locations and guest speakers to enhance the summer schedule each year.

The objectives of the summer camp coursework are to:

1. Provide instruction in ecosystem concepts, structure and function of plant and animal communities, management practices, and practical field skills.

summer camp 2015 132. Expand practical knowledge in a variety of subjects related to the curriculum to enhance their ability to understand and apply subjects covered in the advanced professional courses.

3. Enhance abilities as professionals to work in teams and to assume positions of leadership.

4. Introduce students to a variety of realistic work environments and practices to enable them to better evaluate forestry or fisheries/wildlife management as a career.

For more information about the summer camp courses, contact Dr. Glenn Catts, Summer Camp Coordinator at 919-513-3973