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Each month, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlights a current student who represent the diverse and involved student population within the program. This month, December, the spotlight focuses on, Ryan Love.

Ryan LoveName: Ryan Love

Focal Area: Economics

Year: Junior

Hometown: Kernersville

1. What lead you to select Environmental Sciences at NC State?

I wanted to be in a major, where I learned about something that I loved (the environment), while at the same time expanding my knowledge about other fields of interest, and the ES program at State met those two goals.

2. What is your favorite aspect about the Environmental Science program?

My favorite aspect of the Environmental Science program is that we are not put into a box, where we take the exact same classes as everyone else in our major. But we have the ability to expand our interests and knowledge. We have this network of people from all around the university that Greg, Erin, and Dr. Winner know at our disposal. People all around the university reach out to ES students, because they know we are passionate people, wanting to expand our knowledge in related areas.

3. What has been your favorite course at NC State?

PS 320 US Environmental Law and Politics with Dr. Graham, by far the most challenging class I have taken at State. However, if you put in the effort the class is rewarding. I loved how the class really helped me build my reading and writing skills, and I appreciated learning the history of US environmental policy, it’s successes and shortcomings.

4. How did you select your focal area (if selected)?

The reason I chose economics as a focal area is mainly due to my experiences studying abroad at the University of Cape Town. There I live with a bunch of awesome people and learned about their inspirations. After doing a lot of contemplation, I decided that I really want to learn more about economics and how that relates to environmental and social equality.

5. What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

Try something new or different every day, expand you possibilities! You never know what is in store for you next!

6. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom?

I am obsessed with photography! I took a black and white film classes at the craft center this semester, which has really expanded love for photography. Lately I have been shooting a lot of photos on two medium format film cameras, I have.