Alex Kumar

Kumar_Winter_trapping 2
Alex Kumar winter trapping a snowshoe hare, Montana.

About me: I grew up hiking and camping in the northeast which helped instill a love of the outdoors which was further cemented during a vacation to Yellowstone National Park where I developed a passion for wildlife photography.  Soon my interests grew to encompass wildlife research, setting me down the path to becoming a conservation biologist.

Area of Research:  I am currently a PhD student with Scott Mills, interested in quantitative ecology.  Although I am still in the process of finalizing my dissertation focus, it could include quantifying long term population trend estimates through structured decision making, possibly of tigers in India.

I recently completed a MS quantifying effects of a restoration treatment of Western Larch stands on snowshoe hare vital rates and behavior.  I also identified a “phenologic cascade” whereby the effects of one circannual phenology (larch needle phenology) is linked to another (snowshoe hare molt), through snow cover.

Career Goal:  I hope to become a wildlife researcher either as a professor or as a federal scientist.

Previous Degrees:

Cornell University:  B.S. in Biological Sciences and Natural Resources (double major) with Distinction in Research – 2011

North Carolina State University:  MS in Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology – 2015  

Other interests/activities:  I generally enjoy most activities that get you outside including (but not limited to) hiking, biking, backpacking, wildlife photography, fishing and hunting.  I am enjoy basketball and am an avid Boston sports fan.