Darya Cowick

Cowick, Darya planting tree copyI am originally from Bulgaria and moved to the US in 2009.  I have always loved the outdoors and wild animals but did not realize that protecting the natural
resources would be my career until I moved here. Most people in the US do not care about the environment the way we do in Europe and I felt obligated to make a change.

Area of research:  I am working with Melissa McHale on research pertaining to landscape preference drivers in Raleigh. Also, we are measuring trees and figuring out their particular ecosystem services.  I’m working on a MS in Natural Resources, Economics and Management Technical Option.

Career goal:  to work for local government in projects related to urban ecology

Previous degrees and where earned: BS in Environmental science from American Pubic University and BA in Hospitality Management from Bulgaria

Other interests/activities: hiking, traveling, kayaking, DIY projects, gardening, painting