Environmental Sciences Spotlight: Andrew Burress

Each month, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlights a current student who represent the diverse and involved student population within the program. This month, January, the spotlight focuses on, Andrew Burress.

Andrew-Burress_Name:  Andrew Burress

Focal Area: Renewable Energy Assessment

Year: Senior

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

1. What lead you to select Environmental Sciences at NC State?

Back in my junior year of high school I was an un-informed, uncaring teenager regarding the environment. I took an ES class for the AP credit, and the teacher set a few days out of the month for documentary viewings about various relevant topics. After watching “An inconvenient truth” and “Who killed the electric car” and engaging into in-depth discussions about what was seen, I felt compelled to make a difference in any way possible. After a little research, the malleability and vastness of the major here at NC State caught my interest.

2. What is your favorite aspect about the Environmental Science program?

I would say the required external learning experience built into the program is my favorite portion. Through this I was able to get the necessary work experience required for my field after I graduate, while getting credit towards graduation.

3. What has been your favorite course at NC State?

Environmental Economics (ARE336). I am working towards a minor in economics and this course basically presented to me what I want to be doing after I graduate. It focused on solid economic information in relation to very real and current environmental issues.

4. How did you select your focal area (if selected)?

Energy has always been a fascination of mine and I feel that understanding the different forms of renewable energy that can be the most beneficial in a given scenario is important. Installation, costs, incentives, trade barriers and all of that were topics that interested me before stumbling upon this focal area. The fact that it is relatively new also caught my eye.

5. What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

Finals are 100% as bad as they sound and there’s nothing you can do about it. Start studying for each exam -at least- a week before the first one, or tears will be had.

6. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom?

Any sort of athletics. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing as long as it’s some sort of physical activity, although Basketball is my go-to and I played on the club ultimate Frisbee team.