Featured: Center for Advanced Forestry Systems

The National Science Foundation’s online magazine, Science Nation, is featuring the research conducted through The Center For Advanced Forestry Systems.10.33 Project, Use of Stable Isotopes to Trace the Fate of Applied Nitrogen in Forest Plantations to Evaluate Fertilizer Efficiency and Ecosystem Impacts.

Watch the Video.

The Center for Advanced Forestry Systems is based here at NC State.  The Center for Advanced Forestry Systems (CAFS) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (NSF I/UCRC) that bridges top forestry research programs with industry members to solve complex, industry-wide problems. CAFS brings the country’s top forestry research programs together under a structured and supportive partnership. Our academic partners receive seed funding for for research and graduate student involvement, and they receive the recognition as a National Science Foundation research center.

“Science Nation” is a video series commissioned by the NSF Office of Legislative and Public Affairs. The series is distributed throughout the world, including to LiveScience.com and other media outlets on the Internet, local community TV stations in the U.S. via TelVue Connect Media Exchange, Voice of America for international broadcast distribution, the NSF STEM video portal Science360, the Knowledge Network video stream and Roku channel, and K-12 content distributors in the U.S. and abroad.  Some episodes also appear in the nationally-distributed PBS documentary seriesThis American Land.