Seth Raynor: The Life of a Freshman Environmental Sciences Student

Coming into my first year of college, I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do in my life, but I did know that I loved the environment and that was enough to make me choose this major. We have grown up in a time where our planet’s health has been consistently harmed because of greed and the desire for wealth. I wanted to major in a topic that was important relevant to my life. Environmental Sciences, in my opinion, is the most important major that young people can be affiliated with. We are the future of this planet, so the more knowledge we have about keeping our home safe the more likely our future generations will have a home.

As a student who did very well in high school I was accepted into many colleges across the nation, but I really want to stay in state. I chose NC State because it is one of the best schools in North Carolina, and they offered environmental sciences as a major. The amazing part of Environmental Sciences here at NC State is you get to choose your own path with how you want to use your degree by choosing a focal area. Going through my first year of college I have been exposed to a number of focal areas that seem interesting for me. Many lower level classes are provided here to see if they would actually fit my interests or not.

Another amazing thing about Environmental Science at NCSU is the staff. They really care about the students and give you every opportunity to succeed at the university level. The staff plans out many events over the course of the year to make you feel like a bigger part of the university. They help you find classes and clubs, like WESA, that meet your interests, internships that can give you the work experience you need, and have many fireside chats and workshops to help clear up any questions you have on a variety of topics.

My favorite part of being an ES student in college is the community of students around me. Instead of having to take the normal huge ES100 class we get to take a special section that is filled only with Environmental Sciences majors. You really get to know all of the other freshman in the major and learn how the major is being used in different ways. Most of the students in the class have similar interests since we are all passionate about the environment in some way, which makes it easy to get along with each other and make new friends. I have made most of my close friends at State through that ES 100 special section. Also, in that class you get the director, Dr. Winner, of our program as your professor, which is really awesome.

My experience in my first year as an environmental college major at NC State has been amazing. I have made tons of close friends and have learned more about myself than I did in all of my years in grade school combined. College has been a real eye opening experience for me and I am very excited for my future here. I hope to continue to meet new people and have new experiences for the next three years. One of my goals here is to learn something new and meet someone new every day, which is not too challenging since there are so many people here. I plan to graduate on time, and be successful in my studies. I would like to become a bigger part of the wolf pack community, and continue to grow as a person with my fellow classmates.