Chris Dreps

Chris Dreps was a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic in 1995 and 1996. He was in a new program at that time to train youth on how to educate their peers about preventing HIV/AIDS. While in the Peace Corps, he developed a much stronger love for ecology and a strong respect for the ability of poor people to survive, and even prosper, with very few resources. He returned to the US for a masters in urban planning at University of Arizona, focusing on environmental planning. Since that time, he has worked as an environmental consultant and run a non-profit called the Upper Neuse River Basin Association ( He also served as a Crisis Corps Volunteer in Honduras (2000) and a Mennonite Central Committee volunteer in southern Mexico (2006). Currently, his family is involved in projects in Nicaragua. Chris recently completed an MS in Forestry with Dr. April James.