Come Sail Away to CMAST

In Spring 2017, the second class of undergraduate students will travel to the North Carolina coast to participate in an intensive hands-on semester in marine science called Semester@CMAST (S@C). This class of 20 undergraduates will spend their 2017 spring semester as residents at NC State’s Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST).

This voyage into charted territory allows students to get their feet wet and hands sandy alongside top professional researchers and graduate students.  The outcome is an unprecedented opportunity for undergraduate students to explore the many facets of coastal and marine science, embracing life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.

The S@C is the first-of-its-kind NC State commitment for a semester-long, academic coastal and marine program for a large class of undergraduate students.

cmast video
Check out this Video about the CMAST Program!

Apply Today

Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2016. 


Participating students will take a full, academic semester at CMAST, earning 12 – 18 Cr of NC State courses that will apply to their academic programs. Students will be able to take the following courses, with titles and course numbers subject to slight revisions: 

  1. MEA 200, Introduction to Oceanography, DELTA, (3 Cr), Dr. E. Knowles
  2. MEA 493-2, Marine Conservation Biology, 3 Cr, Dr. Dave Eggleston & C. Price
  3. AEC 495 -4, Marine Fisheries, 3 Cr, Dr. Jeff Buckel & Mr. Jess Hawkins
  4. ES 295-1, Biology of Marine Mammals Course, 3 Cr, Dr. Vicky Thayer
  5. ES 295-2, Marine Resource Management & Policy, 3 Cr, Dr. Louis Daniel
  6. Optional External Learning Experience Course (3 Cr):

ES 496, Environmental Science Internship
ES 497, Environmental Science Professional Development Activity
ES 498, Environmental Science Research
ES 499, Environmental Science Undergraduate Thesis

Learn More at an Informational Meeting

To learn more about the Semester@CMAST (S@C) Program, stop by the general information meeting on Monday, October 3 in Talley Student Union room 3211. Meet students and faculty members involved and ask lots of questions about their hands-on experiences.

You’ll meet students like Stacy Partin, who spent her summer at CMAST studying dolphins. Check out her summer experience.

Other Information

Food and Lodging

Lodging is available for students at the nearby CMAST Coastal Quarters, with rates of approximately $2,915 per person/semester for a shared room, and $3,263 per person/semester for your own room. These rates are the same as rates for on-campus students. The  facility is managed by the NC State University Housing Office and they can arrange for students to switch housing from main campus residence halls to the CMAST Coastal Quarters.

Students will be responsible for their own meals. Kitchen facilities are in the CMAST Coastal Quarters.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees are the same as for on-campus students.
Student financial aid packages transfer and apply to S@C students when the courses taken apply to the student’s degree

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) costs are the same as for students on the main campus. A large hospital is located near CMAST.


Email us or check out the Semester@CMAST page in the Environmental Sciences major area or view this video about the CMAST Program.