Tasha King

Tasha King with fishermen at a training for their livelihood project

Tasha King served from 2013 to 2015 as a volunteer in Peace Corps’ only Coastal Resource Management program located in the Philippines. The Philippines is an island nation where a large part of the population’s animal protein diet comes from the ocean. Tasha worked to collect information for a Coastal Environmental Profile and on an alternative livelihood fish pen project with the Barangay Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Council (BFARMC) of Barangay Sabang Tabok. The project was funded by World Connect and allowed members of the ST-BFARMC to raise bangus and siganids in 5 large pens. The hope was that farming fish would allow members to increase their family’s incomes, on a regular basis, while helping wild fish stocks to recover by taking some of the fishing pressure off of the oceans. Members of the ST-BFARMC stand watch in rotations at the guard house to protect the fingerlings from other people and predators but also to guard the coastal resources in the area from illegal activities, such as dynamite fishing or mangrove cutting. As a U.S. Peace Corps Masters International* student, Tasha returned to NC State and finished her Master’s Degree in Natural Resources, International Resources Technical Option in Fall 2017.

*NC State was a Peace Corps Master’s International partner until the Peace Corps retired the program in 2016.