Jayna’s South Africa Study Tour Experience

Jayna Study Tour Program: South Africa – Water Woes: People, Parks and Pollution (Imagine Program)

What Jayna had to say about her experience: In this program I learned a lot about South Africa’s history, the four different ecosystems and how they affect the communities and environment, the human and environmental relationship, how ecology is disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary. I also learned about ecotourism, how to test water quality, and the different animals living in the Kruger National Park. My favorite part of the program was connecting with the South Africans, whether it was with our game
vehicle driver, our chefs, the South African students who joined the program, or the homestay families we were able to live with.

I would definitely do this program again if I were granted the opportunity. I think the best way to study abroad is to get emerged locally, and this program offered just that. To someone who is looking into this program or similar programs, I say just go for it! It will be amazing, and definitely eye opening.

The Imagine Program related to my degree program pretty well, so I believe it helped me gear my career path. I am now looking into doing something with water quality once I graduate. 

groupJayna’s Degree Program: Environmental Technology and Management

Jayna’s Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

If you would like to learn more about the South Africa: Water Woes: People, Parks and Pollution experience from a student’s perspective, please email Jayna at Jsanani@ncsu.edu or watch the video she made about the program.

This specific study tour will not be offered in 2017, please look for it in the future. To learn about other CNR faculty led study tours offered in 2017 please see the Current Study Abroad Opportunities on the Study Abroad section of this website.