Jessica Citrola: Study Abroad Experience

Jessica Citrola in Taiwan

During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan from February until the end of June. I attended National Taiwan University and took one environmental advised elective, Western Literature II, a woman’s studies course, and a mandatory Chinese course. The city of Taipei had an endless amount of different things to do, such as trying international restaurants, shopping at high end stores or in local markets, visiting museums, enjoying the nightlife at the world trade center, hiking nearby mountains, and riding the gondola around the city. Outside of Taipei, I spent my time visiting the beautiful national parks, visiting temples and monasteries, snorkeling, riding mopeds on scenic roads, going to the beach, exploring night markets, and swimming in hot springs. Taiwan is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world and the Taiwanese are very honest and hardworking people. In addition, Taipei is considered as a top food city in the world because of the famous night markets and the restaurant Din Tai Fung, which was awarded a rare Michelin Star. The food is cheap, so I ate out for all of my meals. My favorite foods include, chicken kabobs, dumplings, fried rice, marinated bacon wrapped around scallions, Taiwanese ice cream, fresh sushi, and croissants from the authentic french bakeries. Since

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is extremely safe, has excellent modern transportation systems, such as high speed trains, and is an affordable country to visit, I had no limitations to my study abroad experience. Studying abroad was the best decision I’ve ever made and the months I spent in Taiwan were the happiest in my life! Studying abroad in Taiwan
definitely added to my ES degree and my college experience. My best advice to current of prospective students would be to use the flexibility in the ES degree program to study abroad.