Environmental Sciences Spotlight: Doua Jim Lor

Each month, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlights a current student who represent the diverse and involved student population within the program. This month, January, the spotlight focuses on, Doua Jim Lor.

Name: Doua Jim Lor

Jim Lor

Focal Area: Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation

Year: Senior

Hometown: Polkton, NC

1. What lead you to select Environmental Sciences at NC State?

I grew up in on a farm in the country where we raised animals and planted our own crops. My parents were also immigrants from a third world country and so we always had a connection with nature. I wanted to select a major that focused both on the environment and our connection to it.

2. What is your favorite aspect about the Environmental Science program?

My favorite aspect of the ES program is how versatile the program is and how well it can integrate classes from many other colleges and majors. You can learn so much about so many things and still have it be applicable to your degree. Each of us may have different focal areas and backgrounds, but we all share a common interest and concern for the environment.

3. What has been your favorite course at NC State?

Field Ecology and Methods taught by Dr. Martha Burford-Reiskind. It is a research based class that is unique in how it is carried out. It allows you to learn about the process in class and apply what you learn in the field. You really can see how much you have learned and improved on by the end of the class.

4. How did you select your focal area?

I am double majoring in Biological Science (EEC concentration) and Environmental Science, and decided to combine the two by selecting it as my focal area. I really enjoy learning about ecosystems and populations and how humans interact with them.

5. What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

I am a pretty introverted person and may avoid experiences outside my comfort zone. Coming to NC State has made me realize that those experiences may not be so bad. College is the time to learn as much as you can from these experiences and from your classes. Have confidence in yourself and be bold! Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way! Don’t let your doubts and uncertainties hold you back.

6. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom?

Reading. I’m a big fan of fantasy and adventures that can distract me from some of the stress from classes.