Thomas’s Sweden Study Tour Experience

Study Abroad Program: Sweden Forestry, Summer 2013 

What Thomas has to say about his experience: Our trip to Sweden, Germany, and Poland was an especially significant experience as a forestry student. Having completed one year of the forestry curriculum at NC State by the start of the trip, I understood many of the basic concepts comprising forest management. Throughout the course we embraced new tree species, landscapes, silvicultural methods, and the exploration of those Scandinavian forests. As it turned out, by the end of the trip I understood more about Swedish forestry than I did American forestry—I was thinking in cubic meters/hectare not tons/acre. The many field excursions provided a frame of reference, and point of reflection, for my next 3 years of college. I often find myself comparing our forest management practices with those demonstrated in Europe, and that would not be possible without this trip.

Given the opportunity, I would go back at a moment’s notice! The fun we had with all the students on the trip from the US and Sweden was endless. Every day we went swimming, spent time in the sauna, or gathered together to cook a family style dinner. Those memories coupled with the practical knowledge in natural resource conservation created an outstanding course.

Thomas’s Degree Program: Forest Management

Thomas’s Graduation Date: Spring 2016

What Thomas does now: Procurement Forester for International Paper 

This tour is offered on an annual basis. Summer 2017, Dr. Gary Blank is leading “Sweden and the Czech Republic: International Sustainable Resource Use.” If you would like to learn more about Thomas’s experience, please email him at To learn about CNR faculty led study tours offered in 2017, please see the Current Study Abroad Opportunities on the Study Abroad section of this website.