Nancy Gibson

About me:
I am from Denver, NC. I served in the Peace Corps as an Agriculture volunteer in Ghana. I worked as a Botany tech for the Forest Service in the Fremont-Winema National Forest in Oregon. In Ghana I regularly saw the fluctuation of water available in my village as I drew water from a well for my daily needs. In Oregon I was introduced to a forest with seasonal water availability, with ephemeral creeks and dried up lake beds. These experiences directed my interests to water resources and hydrology.  I’m currently working on a MS in Natural Resources – Hydrology Technical Option.
Area of Research:
My research involves quantifying the water fluxes within a forested land application watershed in Jacksonville, NC through hydrological modeling and examining the feedbacks between water availability and the forest.
Career Goal:
My career goal is to work with water resource sustainability planning and ecosystem restoration projects through a government agency.
Previous Degree:
Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Environmental Science, Sustainable Development Concentration, Mathematics minor from Appalachian State University, Boone NC.
Other interests/Activities:
I love hiking, cooking, and travelling to new places.