Matt Snider

About me:  I grew up next to the Green Mountain National Forest in central Vermont so I spent a lot of time outdoors observing nature growing up. My Dad was a forester and my mom a nurse so the nature and science appreciation came pretty easily for me. I went to the University of Maryland with the intent to go to Vet School but after I started volunteering and then interning at the Smithsonian National Zoo my interests matured with a more ecological and behavioral focus a opposed to medical. After graduating from Maryland, I spent most of a year volunteering and interning on a research project in South Africa looking at inter-species movement patterns in carnivores. I returned to the US and worked for the Peregrine Fund on their Aplomado Falcon Project in New Mexico but decided that I wanted to return to Africa. I was hired by a professor at the University of Georgia to manage a behavior and parasitology project on Grant’s Gazelles after which I went on to work on lion projects, hippo studies, and a high elevation biodiversity survey until 2016 when I returned to the US and prepared for the next phase of my education as a graduate student at NC State working with Dr. Roland Kays.
Area of research:   I am interested in movement ecology and density/utilization dynamics, especially as it applies to wildlife living at the leading edge of humanity. I am curious about how humans change wildlife behavior and how we evaluate that wildlife’s interaction with its habitat.
Career goal:  My career goal is to continue researching methods of applied problem solving in order to understand how humans can better conserve wildlife in the developing world. I believe that there is room for better synergy between conservation efforts and human benefit at both a local level and a government policy making level.
Previous degrees and where earned:  I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Maryland, graduating in 2009
Other interests/activities:  I enjoy hiking and exploring, and have a deep love for international travel. I enjoy cultural and historical discourse, particularly with people who share different backgrounds with my own. I read when I can as well as play video games in my spare time when I am not biking around in search of good food and good conversation.