Environmental Sciences Spotlight: Kenneth Dunn Jr.

Each month, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlights a current student who represent the diverse and involved student population within the program. This month, May, the spotlight focuses on, Kenneth Dunn Jr.

Name: Kenneth Dunn Jr.

Focal Area: Forestry

Year: Senior

Hometown: Durham, NC

1. What lead you to select Environmental Sciences at NC State?

I’ve always been passionate about the environment particularly land conservation and water quality. When I was younger, me and my friends skipped school and went to the woods behind Old man Joe’s house to catch turtles, snakes and spiders. The woods behind old man Joe’s house was a sanctuary, a peaceful refuge from the constant noise and stress of inner city life. We spent our summers fishing, swimming and talking about girls all day long.  So when the woods behind Old man Joe’s house were cut down and became a housing development, I wanted to do something about it.

2. What is your favorite aspect about the Environmental Science program?

The freedom to choose courses that interests you.

3. What has been your favorite course at NC State?

Probably Lunch… I’m joking… Not Really…   Forest Genetics is one of my favorite courses at NC State because it was so challenging. Learning about the different combinations of allele frequencies and genomes that effect tree biology was both satisfying and mentally stimulating.

4. How did you select your focal area?

Old man Joe. Having those childhood memories of fishing swimming and hunting in his woods is an experience I will never forget.

5. What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

Grades aren’t that important. Who you are as a person and how you treat others is what really matters.

6. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom?

Reading, Meditation, and Journaling