Environmental Sciences Alumni Spotlight: Hanna Woldemariam

Each semester, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlight alumni who represent the diverse and involved alumni population that graduated from our program. This summer the spotlight focuses on, Hanna Woldemariam.

Hanna Woldemariam

Name: Hanna Woldemariam

Graduation Year: Summer 2016

Focal Area: Geographic Information System (GIS)

1. How did your experience at NC State help you find a job after graduation? What initial steps did you take when you were looking for a job?

I loved all the classes offered, in addition to the academics, the professors encouraged students to be engaged in team work, problem solving techniques, and several other things that helped me transition easily into the work field.  Steps I took included, proper resume preparation, reaching out to companies for internship opportunities, talking to fellow students as well as professors and advisors to build my networking and get necessary information.

2. Did having a degree in ES and your focal area open the door to more opportunities than you initially expected?

Yes it did, classes like NR 460 – Renewable Natural Resources Management and Policy allowed me to embark on a career in the Transportation Planning working on NEPA (environmental policies and regulations), and having a GIS focal area definitely gave me an advance among all other applicants that didn’t have that skill set.

3. If you decided to not continue your education upon graduation, do you plan to return to school? If yes, what do you plan to study?

I do plan to return back to school to advance my degree.  I am looking into Urban Planning or Transportation Planning degree as that is the direction my career seems to be going.

4. Name a class you took at State that you took the most away from?

ES 400 was by far my favorite class. It allowed me to get a real life experience on how to work on projects, individually as well as with team mates.  It thought me the proper process on how to develop a professional document, helped me work on my technical writing skills, conducting proper research, and proper citations.

5. While you were at State what was your biggest challenge (e.g. A class)?

I would say for me the Public Policy class was the least enjoyable!


6. What major piece of advice would you give to the Freshman class?

Start working on your internship as early as possible.  All the experiences will come handy when it is time to look for a job.

7. Why did you decide to be a part of the ES program? What attracted you to it?

When I first enrolled at State, I didn’t know exactly what the ES program entailed.  As a science transfer student, I picked the program that allowed me to transfer most of my credits; for me it was ES.  The first semester, the class (ES 100) was taught by Dr. Winner and I absolutely fell in love  with the class and the whole program.  I loved how it brings all the science classes I took together to understand  the science of climate change and global warming.