Environmental Sciences Spotlight: John Johnson

Each month, the Environmental Sciences Academic Program highlights a current student who represent the diverse and involved student population within the program. This month, July, the spotlight focuses on, John Johnson.

John Johnson

Name: John Johnson

Focal Area: Sustainable Chemistry

Year: Senior

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

1. What lead you to select Environmental Sciences at NC State?

I selected Environmental Sciences at NC State because it offered me a track that would immerse me in coursework that would outline the principles governing sustainable chemistry, and provide substantial background in real world applications and what sustainable chemistry looks like in today’s world.

2. What is your favorite aspect about the Environmental Science program?

I really enjoy the breadth of the Environmental Science program and how willing everyone is to help you. I just enjoy knowing that the department has my back, and will try it’s best to help tailor a plan of study to an individual’s interests. Transitioning to NC State did feel a bit overwhelming at first, but everyone within the program helped to mitigate that stress, which allowed me to excel in my coursework and lessen distractions.

3. What has been your favorite course at NC State?

My favorite course has been MUS 112, the NC State Men’s Chorale. Although we only met once a week, those two hours of rehearsal were very dear to me. Music has always been an important aspect of my life, and it’s nice to be able to develop my voice with such a great group of guys.

4. How did you select your focal area?

Prior to coming to NC State, I studied at Drexel University studying pure chemistry. After a year at Drexel, I travelled to Singapore, for a little under a year, for a co-op where I worked at The Institute of Materials Science & Engineering. It was here I learned about sustainable materials, and just how interesting and applicable the field was to my interests, values, and future job scope. These experiences helped refine what I wanted out of college, and led me to designing a very accommodating Sustainable Chemistry focal area with the Environmental Sciences program here.

5. What is something you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

That it’s okay to explore your interests and really put yourself out there. There are so many courses available to you in college, and so many interesting topics. I wish someone had told me to really just go through the course catalogs, and just see what names or descriptions spark an interest.

6. What is your favorite thing to do outside of the classroom?

I love to play rugby in my spare time and travel! The NC State Men’s rugby team has been an invaluable outlet and a great place to make friends. It is also nice to be able to play at such a high level that the team is able to travel to Colorado, Virginia, and other states to compete – allowing me to travel and play rugby!