Fall Seminars Are Back

The Forestry and Environmental Resources Seminars are open to anyone interested. This weekly seminar series is part of the course for students enrolled in NR601, FOR601, and FOR801. The public is welcome to attend.

Fall 2017 Seminar in 1216 Jordan Hall on Mondays, 12:50 pm – 1:40 pm, with exceptions

August 28
Citizen Science: A multi-disciplinary peg in an academic round hole –  Dr. Caren Cooper, Research Associate Professor, Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence in Leadership in Public Science; jointly appointed as Assistant Head, Biodiversity Research Lab, NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

September 4 – no seminar

September  11
Ecological Challenges Across Land, Water, Space and Time –  Dr. Katie Martin, Assistant Professor of Ecology, Forestry & Environmental Resources; Faculty Fellow, Center for Geospatial Analytics (see http://watershedecology.weebly.com/ for more info)

September 18
Restoring late-successional forest structure to current Lake States northern hardwood forests  – Dr. Jodi Forrester, Assistant Professor

September 25
Managing site resources for fast-growing plantations: Experiences from Chile – Dr. Jose Alvarez Munoz, Candidate for Adjunct Faculty and Manager of Remote Sensing Systems, Weyerhaeuser.

October 2
Sustaining Forest Productivity: New insights from soils to space – Dr. Rachel Cook, Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Forest Productivity Cooperative.

October 12 (NOT a Monday) 3:30 pm Talley Student Center
Natural Disturbances and Forest Resilience: Lessons from Yellowstone  –  The Frederick and Joan Barkalow Distinguished Conservationist Lecture:  Dr. Monica Turner, Eugene P. Odum Professor of Ecology and Vilas Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin.  Thursday, October 12, 3:30-4:45, Talley

October 16
Evaluating tropical forest conservation strategies using lots and lots of Landsat images – Dr. Josh Gray, Assistant Professor, Forestry & Environmental Resources; Faculty Fellow, Center for Geospatial Analytics

October 23
BiodiverCity: How urban environments dynamically filter and reassemble biodiversity from regional species pools –    Dr. Madhu Katti, Associate Professor, Leadership in Public Science

October 30
Biogeochemical consequences of hydroclimatic change in tropical streams and temperate coastal wetlands –  Dr. Marcelo Ardon, Assistant Professor

November 6
Soil Erosion from Forest Haul Road Stream Crossings as Influenced By Road Attributes –  Albert J. Lang, Watershed and Conservation Staff Forester,  Water Resources Branch, North Carolina Forest Service

November 13
Adventures in Statistical Ecology – Dr. Krishna Pacifici, Assistant Professor, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Forestry & Environmental Resources; Faculty Fellow, Center for Geospatial Analytics

November 20   Thanksgiving, no seminar planned

November 27
Understanding the impacts of organic matter removal on soils and forest productivity in an intensively managed pine plantation –  Dr. Zakiya Leggett, Assistant Professor