Grad Student Profile – Kyle Goeke Dee

Grad Student Profile – Kyle Goeke Dee

I grew up just outside of Washington, D.C. in northern Virginia. Growing up in the suburbs adjacent to a large city, my exposure to natural ecosystems was limited and I didn’t truly begin to be appreciate the outdoors until college. In 2014, I spent part of the summer on a wildland fire crew out of southern Virginia and was exposed to the world of wildfire and land management which piqued my interest. Since then, I’ve worked seasonally with the National Park Service and Forest Service as a biological science technician and forestry technician, respectively. In both capacities, I saw the effects of the routine mismanagement of natural lands and the significant efforts that were made to fix past mistakes. These experiences emphasized the need for more ecologically balanced management of forested ecosystems and led to my interest in forest management. I am pursuing an MS in Forestry.

Area of research:  My research looks at the impacts of wastewater irrigation on the productivity of loblolly pine stands on a site in Jacksonville, NC and comparison with more traditionally managed pine plantations.

Career goal:  I’d like to work in sustainable forest management either in a private capacity through a forestry consulting firm or at the federal/state level with a land management agency.

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

Other interests/activities:  I enjoy backcountry hiking, camping, and photography. I spend most of my free time here lifting weights, riding bikes, and exploring the Triangle.