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Forest and water brochure coverThe Center for Integrated Forest Science (CIFS) is a pioneering research program established within the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Service Research and Development program as a partnership between the Southern Research Station (SRS) and North Carolina State University. We create opportunities for meaningful scientific engagement among university students, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, faculty in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, and SRS scientists. Our research seeks to address complex questions that require understanding of both biophysical AND human dimensions, fusing aspects from the natural and social sciences.

The Center for Integrated Forest Science conducts research from within a unique structure that provides both focus and agility. From its core leadership, CIFS draws from more than 100 years of Forest Service Research and Development, including some of the best long term forest condition data sets in the world, and it creates teams from a network of hundreds of scientists with expertise in a broad array of disciplines.

The depth, yet agility, of this research structure allows CIFS to tackle urgent research needs in emerging issues, while still being able to address big-picture, long-term concerns. We encourage you to learn more about us, explore our current research highlights, browse our publications and presentations, and keep up with the latest news being generated by of this truly unique research center.

Co-leaders of CIFS: Dr. James Vose and Dr. David Wear