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Students in NR 100 removing invasive plant species

Students in NR 100 removing invasive plant species.

FER welcomes transfer students from other universities and colleges as well as international students from all around the world. If you are in one of these categories and are considering NC State, please review the information found at NC State Transfer Student Admissions or International Undergraduate Admissions.  In addition to the university transfer requirements, the departmental requirements for transfer students are as follows:

  • English Composition
  • College Algebra or pre-calculus
  • In addition, it is highly recommended that students complete the appropriate Biology, Chemistry and Calculus courses prior to applying for admission to these majors.  Contact Dr. Gary Blank for more information.
  • GPA requirements:
    • Environmental Technology and Management: 2.5+
    • Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology: 2.5+
    • Forest Management: 2.1+
    • Natural Resources: 2.1+

For general information regarding transfer course credits, please visit the admissions undergraduate transfer equivalencies web page.

Many of our transfer students are from North Carolina Community Colleges.  The following downloadable documents are course recommendations for each of our majors.  North Carolina Community College Course Recommendations for a degree in:

You may also look up equivalencies “By Course” or “By Institution” and check out the Transfer FAQs at the admissions undergraduate transfer equivalencies web page.