Student Ambassadors

The Environmental Sciences program selects students from the program to serve as ES Ambassadors each year. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable students host and participate in university events, recruit new students, provide support, and promote the program. All ambassadors demonstrate great leadership and communications skills, NC State pride and academic achievement across a diversity of focal points.

If you are interested in becoming an ES Student Ambassador, email Erin Champion at

Meet your 2016-2017 Student Ambassadors:


ES Focal Area: Water Resources

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because:  of my passion for the natural environment and the realization that I could make a large impact in the way our resources, environment, and planet are preserved for future generations.  The Environmental Sciences Academic Program at NCSU attracted me because it is a world-class environmental education close to home at a university that is consistently listed among the top values for public universities.  I know that my Environmental Sciences degree will open up possibilities for careers that are fulfilling and provide me the opportunity to solve big problems on the local, state and national level.




ES Focal Area: Biological Oceanography

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: when researching schools with strong ES programs, State kept coming up time and time again.  Once I got accepted and visited the school I knew it was the right place for me.



Bowman-AustinES Focal Area: Design for Sustainability

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: I came into college as a member of the EcoVillage and that program made me realize I want to integrate sustainability into my career and I think the ES program is giving me the foundation to do so. The ES program enabled me to pursue a specific avenue of study both within and outside of the major that I am truly passionate about that I would not necessarily be able to do in another major.


Walczyk, Claire


ES Focal Area: Business Administration

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: I decided to study Environmental Science at NC State because I wanted to do something with sustainability, something that could really make a difference.  The ES program requires many different interdisciplinary courses that let students explore many different fields of science; while still providing a focal area for students to allow them to get a concentration in something they are passionate about.  Studying at NC State has really allowed me to create a community of people to help and support me in college.  The NC State ES Program supports students to make a difference in their local and global environment.



ES Focal Area: Technical and Scientific Communication

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: I originally saw myself majoring in an area related to Environmental studies and sciences because it was my favorite class in high school. Back in then, I wanted to do everything- save the jungles, stop climate change, and head the EPA- but I was not quite sure where I would end up or if I even liked jungles or understood climate change. After I was accepted to NC State, I toured the school and had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the director of the Environmental Sciences Academic Program, Dr. Bill Winner, as well as Erin Champion, and Greg Wilson. It was that day I knew Environmental Sciences Academic Program at NC State was not just an over-arching major that covered everything, but a program where I could pick and choose what I loved and what I didn’t love to design my own focal area within the program. I also learned what a close-knit community the Environmental Science Program happened to be, with a first-year course, planned social events throughout the year, a ton of networking, and professional development activities. I visited and spoke with other environmental programs from the Indiana to Georgia to New York, and no other environmental science program had the unique concentration area curriculum and family-like atmosphere that I could imagine spending 4 years at. When it came down to make my final choice on where I would end up Fall 2014, it was no doubt NC State’s Environmental Science Program.


ES Focal Area: Environmental Policy and Economics

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: I have always been interested in environmental issues in the United States and globally, so I knew I would major in Environmental Sciences.  NC State’s Environmental Sciences Academic Program stood out to me because the major offered many challenging and engaging courses that will prepare me well for a career in this field.  The ES program provided the flexibility to focus on classes that I am interested in and I was able to make my own focal area in environmental policy and economics.  I am glad that my major in very interdisciplinary because I am able to study not only the sciences, but also the social, economic, and political aspects behind environmental issues.  In addition to being a great research university, NC State’s location near downtown Raleigh and RTP provides countless opportunities for internships and future careers for students.


ES Focal Area: Business Administration

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: When I first set foot on NC State’s campus the summer prior to my senior year of high school for a tour, I fell in love. I loved everything about the university, especially the opportunities available to me. I knew right then and there that I wanted to spend the next four years of my life at NC State studying environmental science because even during those few hours on campus, I felt at home. Now, as I approach senior year, I can look in the rear view mirror and say I have never regretted my decision. The Environmental Sciences program is like no other on campus (or at any other school) in my opinion. Being a part of this program has opened up various opportunities for me, allowed me to meet great friends, and has given me the skills to succeed both in and out of the classroom. I chose the ES program because I love the flexibility it gives me; I can tailor the program to my interests, passions, and dreams. I also chose to study ES at NC State because I want to work for NASCAR, and I knew spending my four years here would give me the best shot at my dream career. As of now, that was an accurate prediction since I have been able to work with a professor here on my capstone honors project about NASCAR. So really I cannot point out just one reason why I study environmental science at NC State, rather there are a host of them ranging from the flexibility of the program, the focal areas aspect, the amazing faculty and staff that have helped immensely during my time here and are passionate about helping students succeed, the wonderful opportunities presented (like being able to serve as an ambassador for the past two years and conduct research on a topic I am so passionate about), the people I have been fortunate to meet, and because I feel like I am part of an ES family at my second home, NC State.

Hightower, MaddisonMaddison

ES Focal Area: Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with a focus in Program Management

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because:  I decided to study ES at NC State because of the wonderful atmosphere of NC State’s campus and the flexibility that the ES program offered me. I was able to tailor the ES program to my interests thanks to the limitless options that choosing my own focal area provided. As well, there are many other organizations on campus that have a focus on protecting the environment and sustainability is a focus on campus.

Rogers-Mary-SummersMary Summers

ES Focal Area: Sustainability

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: I originally came to NC State to study engineering, however I found the coursework and the major were not right for me.  When researching and exploring my options at NCSU, the ES Academic Program was recommended to me during a walk-in advising appointment.  Speaking with ES student ambassadors and Greg Wilson peaked my interest even more, and I decided to switch to ES.  I really enjoy the flexibility of the program due to the Focal Area because I knew at the time I was interested in Environmental Sciences, but not a specific Focal Area.  I’ve been really happy with my decisions to switch to ES, as I love my classes and the benefits offered by ES.


ES Focal Area: Sustainable Energy

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: Originally, I applied to the College of Engineering with an intent to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering.  The main reason for this was my interest in how the environment works and changes in the world around me.  More specifically, coming from the town of Eden, I was exposed to one of the largest Coal Ash spills in the country.  Consequently, I frequently saw environmentalists traveling up and down the Dan River and gained new insight into how environmental sciences works.  However, after my freshman year I decided to sit down with my advisor and talk about what I wanted to get out of my degree.  Aspirations such as studying the growth of sustainable energy in North Carolina as well as participating in environmental research were topics that we discussed.  My advisor thought it would be a good idea for me to speak to someone in the environmental science program.  I scheduled a meeting with Dr. Winner, the director of the ES Academic Program, and after that meeting I felt as though ES was where I needed to be and was going to cater to my studies.  Ever since my transition to the Environmental Sciences I have been enthusiastic towards my classes and have formed connections with professors that have shaped my perspective towards environmental sciences.


Eischen-Zoe-ES Focal Area: Political Sciences

I study Environmental Sciences at NC State because: What I like about the Environmental Sciences Academic Program here at NC State, is how interdisciplinary it is in nature.  Although it is a science major, focus is not just given to increasing individuals knowledge on transitional STEM subjects, but broadening knowledge on how to apply the principles of environmental science and sustainability to everything in our lives, from political sciences to chemistry and everything in between.  The ability to choose a certain sector as a focal area is also what is so appealing and unique to me.  There is so much freedom in choices of classes, the major can appeal to any one’s interests, which is amazing.  I know that once I graduate I will be equipped with a variety of skills and a wealth of knowledge that I can apply to whatever career or further education I pursue.