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College of Natural Resources

Center for Geospatial Analytics

Adam Terando

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Ecologist, US Geological Survey


Adam is a Research Ecologist with the US Geological Survey at the Department of Interior and NCSU Southeast Climate Science Center, and an Adjunct Professor with the Applied Ecology Department. His current research focuses on the impacts of climate and land use change on ecosystems and the complex human-environment relationships that drive these processes. This includes developing methods to quantify the information value of climate models for use in adaptive management problems; understanding and predicting climatically-induced changes to extreme wildfires in the Southeast US; simulating urban growth and land use pattern changes in the Southeast; exploring the feedbacks between climate, land use change, and coastal development; and developing ultra high-resolution climate projections for the U.S. Caribbean to support the creation of robust conservation reserves for at-risk species. Through the Southeast Climate Science Center, Adam also serves as the coordinating lead author of the National Climate Assessment’s Southeast Chapter. In his spare time he enjoys engaging in local government, particularly as it relates to urban and transportation planning and their relationship to environmental, economic, and social equity and sustainability.



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