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IndianHill01_crop-300x166The Graduate Minor in Geographic Information Systems provides NC State graduate students the opportunity to develop a recognized minor academic credential in Geographic Information Systems in conjunction with their major program of graduate study.

Academic Requirements:

  1. GIS Faculty as a member of the student’s graduate committee. Students enrolled in ‘Option B’ programs cannot declare a formal minor.
  2. Coursework (9 credit hours total):


Required Courses (6 credit hours)

DE = Offered as a Distance Education course

CLASSROOM = Offered as a traditional classroom course

Elective Courses (3 credit hours)

Geographic Information Systems

Computer Science

Engineering, Biological & Agricultural

Engineering, Civil

Forestry and Environmental Resources

Landscape Architecture

Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences

Public Administration

Soil Science


Total Credit Hours: 9

Apply for a Graduate Minor in GIS

If you are enrolled in a non-GIS graduate degree program at NC State, you may earn a minor in GIS. Admission to this program is achieved by adding a GIS Faculty member to your graduate committee and indicating the appropriate minor on your official plan of work. Please discuss this with your advisor and advising committee where appropriate.