Our Faculty Fellows are pillars of the Center for Geospatial Analytics, making significant contributions to scholarly research and education and reflecting the center's commitment to excellence.

Dr. Perver Baran uses a touch screen to explain a 3D visualization project

For our Faculty Fellows and the Center for Geospatial Analytics, collaboration is a win-win. Fellows have access to the center’s world-class facilities, extensive computing infrastructure, and valuable financial resources. In turn, they advise Ph.D. students, conduct research projects through the center, collaborate on research proposals for external funding, teach a core geospatial course, and regularly participate in leadership meetings and the Geospatial Forum.

Faculty Fellows from nearly a dozen academic departments across NC State mentor students with a passion for applying geospatial approaches to complex problems. Prospective applicants to our Ph.D. in Geospatial Analytics are encouraged to contact Rachel Kasten, Graduate Services Coordinator (rachelkasten@ncsu.edu, 919-515-2800), to connect with Faculty Fellows who share their research interests.

NC State faculty with great potential for impactful engagement in geospatial research and education are selected to join the Faculty Fellows program by the center’s steering committee. Prospective fellows may be nominated by colleagues or nominate themselves for a three-year term with potential for renewal.

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