The strategic vision of the Center for Geospatial Analytics is shaped by an interdisciplinary group of forward-thinking faculty, staff and community partners, led by director Ross Meentemeyer and his team of associate directors.

Zoom screenshot of the Center's Steering Committee

Our diverse leadership leverage unique expertise to build a community who strives to push the boundaries of geospatial thinking. The Center’s Steering Committee (pictured above) oversees Center operations, providing strategic direction and ensuring that all programs, policies and procedures are aligned with the Center’s mission.

Steering Committee:

Ross Meentemeyer, Raju Vatsavai and Mirela Tulbure joined NC State as part of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster in Geospatial Analytics. As the hub for the cluster, the Center serves as a go-to place for interdisciplinary solutions to complex problems. The Center’s Steering Committee is also supported by an External Advisory Board that provides valuable input and guidance.

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