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Megan Amanatides and Christiana Ade

Megan Amanatides (left) and Christiana Ades (right) before going out for fieldwork in the Sacramento San-Joaquin Delta, CA.

Two center graduate students were recently awarded valuable scholarships recognizing their research and academic excellence.

Megan Amanatides has won the 2017 Scholarship Award from the North Carolina Association for Environmental Professionals (NCAEP), the largest multi-disciplinary organization of environmental professionals in the state.

Her colleague Christiana Ade will be heading to Lisbon, Portugal, this summer thanks to a travel scholarship awarded to her by the NSF- and NASA-sponsored Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry program. In Lisbon, she will present her research on remote sensing of inland waters at the 2017 International Ocean Color Science meeting.

Both are second-year master’s students in the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Lab, advised Dr. Erin Hestir, an assistant professor in the department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences and a faculty fellow with the Center for Geospatial Analytics.

Congratulations to Christiana and Megan on their achievements!