Student Profile: Andrew Wallace

Senior, Andrew Wallace knows what it means to work hard. A double major in Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Andrew entered the major after attending an E101 session hosted by Dr. Byrd. The personal interest in the students by professors and the ability to apply theory in a very hands on field is what made the biggest impact on Andrew over the past four years.

Now approaching graduation, Andrew will be beginning medical school next fall. Andrew has been accepted to a number of prestigious medical programs including Wake Forest University, The University of North Carolina, The University of Virginia, and Johns Hopkins University. He credits the strong engineering background he received in the PSE Program for making this happen.

Besides working on homework, group projects, and studying for tests, Andrew stayed involved during his four years in PSE. A volunteer firefighter and EMT, Andrew is a four year recipient of the Pulp and Paper Academic Scholarship. With such an outstanding record, its easy to see why Andrew is going to be an alumni to follow in the future!