September and October Research Awards

September and October were busy research months. Check out some of our recent research awards and grants:

SCC-RCN: Smart Civic Engagement in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions

The Research Coordination Networks (RCN) will collaboratively explore whether multi-user, web-based “serious” games––using real data and scientific models to show the connectedness of locations––could increase equitable participation in local decision-making, elevating the voices of underprivileged groups and diverse perspectives. The RCN will unite researchers and stakeholders to plan the design of a futuristic game called TomorrowNow, which enables people to interact with spatially explicit models of urbanization and associated changes to stormwater hydrology (quantity) and biogeochemistry (quality), problems of increasing concern across urbanizing regions in the U.S.

  • Sponsor Name: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • PI(s) Name: Ross Meentemeyer and Helena Mitasova from the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and the Center for Geospatial Analytics
  • Budget: $499,847

NC Sentinel Landscape Resource Programming

This proposal allows for the North Carolina Sentinel Landscape Program Partnership (SLPP)  to continue its effort to ensure that readiness, training viability, cost-effective policies, and the U.S. Marine Corps mission are facilitated through sustained use of working lands and natural resources. The SLPP have been working for more than six years, providing for the programmatic institutionalization and enhancement of compatible natural resource use in support of military readiness and at the same time enhancing the maintenance and improvement of natural resources, including agriculture and forestry lands (i.e., working lands). The SLPP continues to collaborate on a forward-looking, proactive program to sustain the landscape needed for a healthy economy, a healthy environment, a healthy military, and healthy communities in eastern North Carolina and beyond.

The SLPP works in the public interest to advance national defense, conservation and working lands in North Carolina simultaneously to ensure that development or use of land, water, and/or air resources remains compatible with military missions. With around 90 precent of the land in North Carolina privately owned, the SLPP realizes that they cannot succeed unless it offers options and incentives that link the interests of the rural, private landowner with the national defense mission and conservation goals.  The Partnership understands that landowners need and deserve to have additional economic opportunities for the good they do to advance society’s long-term well-being by supporting national defense and conservation.

  • Sponsor Name: Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit – Piedmont-South Atlantic Coast and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • PI(s) Name: Robert Bardon and Dennis Hazel from the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
  • Budget: $227,000