Zoom is here!

This update was provided by DELTA

As of October 31, 2018, Zoom was fully available for use by the NC State community. NC State users can log in at https://ncsu.zoom.us/signin to access their Zoom account.

Roughly 57,000 Zoom accounts have been created and/or brought into the NC State enterprise license. Existing accounts associated with users in CALS Extension and NCSU Libraries have been successfully consolidated within the main NC State license.  At the time of the account consolidation, roughly 1,300 Zoom accounts using NC State Unity credentials still remained outside of the NC State license. For these accounts, it is necessary for the user to accept an invitation to add their Zoom account to the NC State license. An email was sent to these users inviting them to join the NC State license, and as of 11/14, around 500 have accepted the invitation, so around 800 accounts remain to be consolidated. A second email invitation, with revised language, is currently being planned to send to these users.

Prior to the deployment of single sign-on, an “early access” program was made available to users who wanted to access Zoom more quickly, and between 9/6 and 10/26, 86 people submitted a request for early access to Zoom.


The “Zoom meeting” Activity was enabled on our Moodle servers on 11/13 and is available for use in Moodle courses, projects, and outreach spaces.

Basic Zoom functionality will soon be added to WolfWare, allowing instructors to add a Zoom icon to their WolfWare course block if they choose. This work is mostly complete on a test server and will be available in WolfWare in production soon (est. December).


Development of local support materials (Knowledge Base articles) is underway and is planned to be available in December.

DELTA has offered two “Teach from Anywhere with Zoom” workshops that have been attended by 35 people. We also have two transitioning workshops (“Moving from Collaborate to Zoom“) coming up on 11/28 and 12/3, with 40 people registered to attend. We will offer more “Teach from Anywhere with Zoom” and “Moving from Collaborate to Zoom” workshops in January and February. Additional Spring workshops are still in the planning stages. We will, of course, continue to offer custom workshops and consultations by request, at a minimum.

The 11/13 “Teach from Anywhere with Zoom” workshop was recorded, and we’ll have it ready to share with campus soon.  In addition to scheduled workshops, DELTA is also providing custom workshops and instructional consultations to help instructors learn to use Zoom.


The Zoom project team is currently reviewing Zoom‘s branding and customization options, with the aim of improving some aspects of the Zoom interface, such as the NC State sign-in page located at https://ncsu.zoom.us/signin, the management portal that displays when logged into Zoom, and the automated email messages that are sent by Zoom.

Also in progress are investigations into using Zoom in designated physical spaces such as classrooms and/or “Zoom Rooms” (a Zoom feature that allows a particular space to be configured for use with Zoom).

The project team is also in the planning and discussion stages of developing appropriate business processes to support the purchase and management of additional Zoom resources, such as a campus unit that wishes to acquire a dedicated Zoom Webinar or Zoom Room for their own exclusive use.

That’s all for this update! We’ve had a very busy Fall and have made a lot of progress toward the full implementation of Zoom. Stay tuned for more developments in December and in Spring 2019! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Google Group, or contact DELTA’s LearnTech help desk (web or email).