Brand Strategy

At NC State, we embrace “Think and Do” as a powerful summary of the university’s brand platform. It captures the essence of NC State’s personality and purpose, providing a simple, memorable statement of what makes this remarkable university different from — and better than — our competition.

NC State. Think and Do.

University Brand Architecture

A brand architecture defines the structure of the organization’s different levels of brands, how the brand levels relate to each other, and how they all relate to and reinforce the central brand. NC State has both a single core brand and related subsidiary brands used by smaller units.

For more information, visit the university’s expanded brand page.

NC State’s Brand Promise

This statement is shorthand for what NC State and all of its colleges stand for in the hearts and minds of our constituents. This is what we promise to deliver to all stakeholders.

  • At NC State, our students, faculty, staff and alumni create economic, societal and intellectual prosperity.

College of Natural Resources Brand Drivers

These brand drivers are the top competitive advantages that uniquely position the College of Natural Resources ahead of its peers.

  • Solutions to natural resource challenges are discovered in our college.
  • Our graduates are innovative and have core and critical thinking skills.
  • Our dedicated faculty and hands-on training generate leaders in the field.

College of Natural Resources Brand Personality

The college’s unique brand personality reflects our people. These words represent the characteristics of our college’s students, faculty and staff, and the way in which we deliver the university’s brand promise of creating economic, societal and intellectual prosperity.

  • Bold
  • Resourceful
  • Friendly/helpful
  • Hands-on
  • Relevant
  • Future-focused

Within our college, each department has its own brand characteristics that reflect the specific pieces of our community.

  • Department of Forest Biomaterials
    • Environmentally conscious
    • Sustainable
    • Practical/real-world
  • Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
    • Engaged
    • Excellence
    • Practical
  • Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
    • Real-world
    • Impactful

Voice, Tone and Content

Content is the most important part of any communication piece.  When communicating our brand, consistent voice, tone and style are essential to ensuring the overall quality of the message. Consistent use of language not only improves quality, it creates trust with our audiences and gives readers confidence that we are a reliable, high-quality institution. 

When creating content or a message, incorporate the words and phrases in our Brand Personality and Drivers. It is not necessary to use only these words or phrases, but consider how you could communicate the meaning behind these descriptors.

Key style guideline to remember: Write out the College of Natural Resources; do not use CNR when communicating to external audiences. You may use the college on second reference.