Equipment Room and Driver Information

Please note that ALL DRIVERS of CNR vehicles must be employees of NC State University and have a photocopy/picture (front and back) of your driver’s license is required to be housed in the Equipment Room. Submit JPEG or PDF of driver’s license, no hard copies.  Additionally, anyone (faculty, staff, grad or undergrad student) who would like to drive one of the CNR vehicles  MUST review an online instructional safety course and pass a short quiz. A copy of the email verification of passing the quiz must be emailed in advance to Dominic Chirico prior to signing out a vehicle. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Be grateful that the department has provided vehicles for research and field trips to aid us on our educational careers. Please help to maintain this invaluable resource.

The course and quiz are available online here.

When reserving a vehicle, please provide the following:

  • Name of person using the vehicle
  • Destination
  • Purpose – if research or extension, provide an account number; if educational, provide professor and course number
  • Phone number
  • Professor (PI) you are working under

When returning vehicles:

  • Fill out the  mileage and fuel form (place a copy of this in blue key bag when complete)
  • Top off fuel tank (no exceptions)
  • Remove all trash (no exceptions)
  • Park behind Weaver Labs
  • Drop blue key bag in bin on floor or through slot in Academic Affairs (Biltmore 2018)

Gas Cards:

NCSU has a new vendor for gas cards, WEX (abbreviation stands for Wright Express) that we will now be using for all of our CNR vehicles. The new WEX cards work just like the old Voyager cards, at essentially any gas station (view card guide and stations list). They can also be used for minor repair costs (if needed) when far from campus. You do not need to save the receipts as we will have an online reconciliation process that will act as the receipt. But, all users will be required to state the purpose of their trip when making a vehicle reservation (Educational, Extension, Research, Other) and provide a project number if for Research, Extension or other purposes. To use the WEX card:

  • swipe it like a credit card
  • enter the odometer of the vehicle (no tenths of miles)
  • enter the PIN code/ Driver ID (will come with each vehicle set of keys)
  • fill up!

The supervisor of the College of Natural Resources Vehicle Pool and the Supervisor of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources Equipment Room is Dominic Chirico.

Fall 2017 Equipment Room Hours and Contacts