CNR Flyspace

Flyspaces are general-purpose collaborative meeting spaces. Rather than build high-end, expensive conference rooms, we believe in small, easily-accessible meeting spaces.

CNR has one Flyspace location in Jordan. This customizable space has been built with the students specifically in mind, with few restrictions placed on their use. Flyspaces can be used for anything! For example:

  • Collaborative Group Work
  • Spread out books and papers while studying
  • Small conferences or meetings

We encourage students to take advantage of the space so stop by and check it out!




flyspaceNRJordan NRL Flyspace

Room Type: Collaboratory
Maximum Capacity: 6
Scheduling Contact: Natural Resources Library
Technical Support: Email

  • 2 x LCD TV
  • 6 x Laptop Connection

Location: The flyspace is located inside the Natural Resources Library (Jordan 1102),
to the right as soon as you walk in. Please note that this is not a fully
enclosed space, and there is no sound barrier separating it from the rest
of the library.