Biltmore 3032 HP 1055cm Plotter Instructions


The lab is open from:

8:00am – 9:00pm Monday – Thursday*
8:00am – 5:00pm Fridays*
Closed – Saturdays
1:00pm – 9:00pm Sundays

* If class is in session you cannot print. (Class schedule is posted outside the lab)

General Advice

Give yourself at least an hour to print your poster.


  1. If this is the first time you’ve used this plotter, please contact us to request access.  By default, the plotter is disabled to avoid accidental printing.
  2. Open your poster. (PPT or PDF)
  3. Under File -> Print, select the plotter (Biltmore-3032-HP-1055cm-Plotter on Waterworks)
  4. Under printer – Select “Printer Properties” and set the custom page size: can select up to 48 X 36. (Note: one of the two dimensions must be 36 inches or less). In most cases, “Landscape” should also be selected.
  5. Be sure to do a print preview before actually printing your poster. What you see in the print preview is how it will print. If it does NOT fit on the print preview, it will not fit on the poster. Please double-check first so you do not waste ink and paper. If you proceed to print and realize something is wrong, please cancel the job directly on the plotter. (There is a button on the plotter that reads “cancel”)
  6. If for some reason it prints strangely or print preview reveals text that is missing in certain areas, try to save the slide as a PDF and then retry printing from Adobe Acrobat.
  7. If printing in Acrobat, be sure to set the Page Scaling to “Fit to Printable Area” in addition to setting the custom size.

If you still have problems or the printer runs out of ink and/or paper, email us.


Do not use a colored background for the entire poster, as it uses too much ink and will saturate the paper. However, colored fonts, graphs, or text boxes are fine.