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Tips regarding offer letters:

  • When adding additional information to the offer letter please be sure the employee signature line remains on the bottom of each page. When the employee signs each page of the offer letter and addendum, they are accepting the agreement and terms of the details included in the letter.
  • The offer letter should be on official college, division or departmental letterhead.
  • We understand some information within the offer letter can change as the hiring process within the HR system moves through the necessary steps. Instead of striking through the outdated information and handwriting in the changes, the letter should be updated electronically and signed prior to attaching it to the transaction.
  • If another person is signing a letter on behalf of the hiring official and/or supervisor then please confirm that the person signing has signature authority. Please add this information in the comments box on the JAR transaction or send an email to the designated HRIM Specialist.
  • When hiring, promoting or transferring EHRA employees, who will have credit instructional responsibilities, official transcripts are required to be on file. Therefore, the EHRA employee will need to initial the transcript section on the third page of the offer letter/addendum. If the transcripts are already electronically on file on the Education panel in the HR system please include this information in the comments section on the JAR transaction.