Polycom Resources

CNR Polycom Videoconferencing Unit


Polycom is an audio and video conferencing solution for live events. With Polycom video conferencing, members of the virtual meeting can experience a face-to-face feeling, even though they are located miles apart. The College of Natural Resources has a portable Polycom unit located in Biltmore Hall. Although it’s technically possible to accommodate more than 5 participants on CNR’s side, additional participants would widen the field of view, so individuals would be difficult to see.

Why use it?

  • Save resources by reducing travel time
  • Distance Education
  • Interviews
  • Thesis Defense
  • Dissertation Defense

How to proceed

  1. Reserve a room in Biltmore Hall (ideally, the Conger conference room in BI 2024). Please contact Cristen Cornelius Philbrook n the CNR Academic Affairs Office (513-7487) to determine whether a suitable location is available.
  2. Confirm that the remote party has videoconferencing equipment. The greatest quality will be achieved if the remote site has a video conference unit similar to the Polycom vendor.
  3. Contact CNR IT to reserve the Polycom equipment for your event date/time.
  4. Provide contact information for a technical liaison on the remote end. CNR IT can work out the technical details to confirm that systems are compatible.
  5. Finally, the CNR faculty, staff, or student must be available to TEST the connection before the event date. CNR IT cannot ensure success without testing with you present BEFORE the conference itself.

Teleconference Speakerphone

CNR has two Polycom speakerphone units that are checked out on a first-come first-serve basis. You can request the speakerphones by emailing CNR IT. Please provide us with at least 48 hours of notice.  For your meeting or event assistance will be provided for setup and troubleshooting. You can reserve a conference number through NCSU Operator Services via a Meet-Me Conference. More information about Meet-Me conferences can be found here.