Camtasia Relay is among the multimedia technologies available to the College of Natural Resources. Techsmith Relay, or just “Relay,” is a fully-automated presentation capturing solution. The software allows you to record whatever is on your computer screen along with audio input from a microphone. The flexibility of Relay allows you to capture lectures in a class environment, pre-record classes for distance education, or construct quick tutorials. The possibilities are endless!

Getting Started

To get started with Relay, contact CNR IT to ask for a Relay profile. Let us know what you’re thinking about using it for and we can tailor the automated publishing for what you need.

Relay is installed on every computer in the college, including teacher stations in every classroom (except the Jordan extension rooms – see information about the portable solution).

What can you use Relay for?

  • class lectures
  • guest speakers
  • student projects
  • how-to demonstrations
  • ad-hoc needs (quick software demonstrations, troubleshooting, quick message, etc)

How it works

The way it works is pretty simple. Here are the steps:

  • Open up Relay and login when prompted (request a special Relay account here.)
  • Give your presentation a title and pick a profile (profiles are setup by CNR IT, profiles tell Relay where to put your finished recording)
  • After that, you hit record, give your presentation, stop the recording, then submit it. Relay does the rest.
  • Within 12 hours or less you should receive an email with a link to your recorded presentation online.
  • You can then send this email to your students or add the link to a course webpage.

For a video walkthrough of using Relay, see our online tutorial.

Using Relay from your home or office

You can use Relay anywhere (you don’t even need an Internet connection!)*, not just in a classroom or conference room. Most computers in offices in the college should have Relay installed, but if you don’t see the green podium icon (see above right) on your desktop and you can’t find it in your All Programs menu, you’ll need to download and install it. To download, just go here:

We’ve also prepared this short document on best practices with screen recording using Relay. It contains some important information about screencasting, dos and don’ts and other tips.

Finally, note in all cases, you need a microphone to record your voice.  To confirm that a microphone is in your classroom, please contact us.

*Note: If you are recording a presentation off campus, in order to sign-in to Relay you’ll first need to establish vpn. You can do that here.