Portable Solution

Relay can be used anywhere with this portable solution. You do not even need an active Internet connection at the time you are trying to record. All you need is a thumb drive with as much free space as possible (recommend at least 1 gigabyte) and a copy of the Relay Portable software loaded. You can download the software here:

Important Note: If you plan on recording for any room in the new Jordan extension, you will need to use this solution.

Portable Recorder Information

You can run the Relay portable recorder from a mobile storage device if there is any reason you cannot (or do not want to) record and upload directly from the presentation computer.

Examples of When to Use the Portable Recorder

  • You need to record on a computer where you do not have permission to install applications.
  • You need to record on a computer that has limited or no network access.
  • You want to record several presentation and upload them collectively at a later time.

How to Install the Portable Recorder

  1. Plug in a mobile storage device (such as a USB flash drive) and format the device as FAT32.
  2. Click Download Portable Recorder and save the PortableCamtasiaRelay.zip file to your computer.
  3. Locate and open the saved .zip file.
  4. Copy all files from the .zip file onto the mobile storage device. All files from the .zip folder need to be copied to the root of the device.

See a full video on how to use it here.