Google Chrome

Getting Started

** NOTE:  All CNR machines have already received Google Chrome. Installation instructions only apply to PERSONALLY-OWNED devices unsupported by CNR IT.

Learning the New Interface

Transitioning Your Preferences

New Features

Chrome and Gmail

Because Chrome is a Google-supported browser, it offers several features for use with Gmail that no other browser currently offers.

Other Free Recommended Chrome Extensions

Find any of the following extensions on the Chrome Web Store by searching for them by the names listed below.  Use the “Add to Chrome” button to install them for your profile.  If you have any trouble doing so, contact CNR IT.

  • Adblock Plus for Google Chrome — prevent the display of ads.
  • Mail Checker Plus for Gmail — efficiently displays the number of unread messages, read, delete and archive.
  • Neat Bookmarks — helps you manage, search, and organize bookmarks.
  • IE Tab — displays web pages using Internet Explorer within Chrome.
  • Print — places a print button within Chrome.