Personal Web Pages

Departmental Directories

Each department at CNR hosts its own directory of faculty and staff, often providing space for its members to host their own professional content, such as a list of courses taught, their own resume or CV, and other details. These pages are typically kept to a rigid template selected by the department to ensure a consistent look and a unified professional presence across all faculty and staff pages.


However, in addition to your departmental or program presence, you may augment your own custom corner of campus with an additional site of your own design.

Examples of some of the additional features offered in having your own professional site are listed below:

  • Additional research interests or current projects not already covered on your departmental page
  • Non-NCSU news releases
  • Links to universities or local/national agencies of interest to you
  • Links to professional journals
  • Links to Foundations or professional organizations
  • Internships or professional development opportunities
  • What’s new in the field, professional trends, essays or editorials
  • Profiles of your current graduate students or advisees
  • Examples of where your graduates now work or could work.
  • Additional graphics (including maps, equipment, site surveys, diagrams)
  • An ongoing blog maintained by you or your students
  • “How-to” videos for instructional use, narrated fieldwork footage, or screen captures explaining software use
  • Links to course websites on our campus or others
  • Instructional materials (glossaries, instructions) not confined to a specific course
  • Other resources for students (e.g. creating good professional posters, interviewing)
  • Personal interests (travel, photography, chess, astrology, long walks on the beach)
  • Anything else for your professional portfolio

Similar sites maintained by CNR faculty and staff


For those considering an additional web presence, CNR IT recommends choosing WordPress:  an intuitive, easy-to-use, flexible system that provides a site name with both CNR and NCSU affiliation, at no cost.

WordPress is maintained here at CNR, meaning no ads, regular system backups, and your data is secure. The system is fully supported by CNR IT.

WordPress uses an entirely web-based interface, so no specialized software needs to be installed to update and edit your site. You can choose from over two dozen pre-built themes (including six made specifically for NC State).

A single WordPress site can range from the simplest static content pages to much more “dynamic” features, like rotating image galleries, ongoing news blogs, forums, user surveys, integrated Google Maps, and more. The first three examples in our list above are WordPress sites, as is this CNR IT site.

Requesting Your Own WordPress Site

If you would like to have an additional website, simply send an email us and let us know what you’d like the title of your new site to be.

Once it’s ready, we’ll send along the link to your new site, along with training materials to help you get started using WordPress to manage your content. You can then customize, dabble, and see what suits your needs and interests. If you’d prefer a hands-on workshop or training, we’d be happy to work with you to get something scheduled.

Naturally, if you have any questions, just let us know!