Has your account or computer possibly been compromised, or have you suddenly been shut out of university systems?

If you suspect your email account or computer has been compromised (or “hacked”), please immediately change your Unity password by going here to prevent potential data theft.

You should also immediately contact the appropriate help desk and inform them of the risk:

If you suspect that your email account has been compromised, contact the OIT help desk at:

  • Email
  • (919) 515-HELP (919 515-4357)
  • (877) 501-6278 (toll free)

If you believe it your computer has been compromised, contact the CNR IT staff, or use the General Assistance help form.

If you’d prefer, you may bring laptops, netbooks, and/or iPads to Biltmore 2020 for evaluation.

If you’re unsure how (or even if) you’ve been compromised, please immediately change your password to be safe and contact the CNR IT staff for evaluation and assistance.  CNR IT Services will diagnose and coordinate with the OIT Security office directly as necessary.

NOTE: If OIT confirms or even suspects that your account or computer has been compromised, OIT will revoke access to university systems.  For example, you will be unable to log on to email and/or to the campus network.  Although you yourself may not be informed of this if it happens to you, OIT will contact CNR IT directly with that information.  Help may already be on its way!

CNR IT Services are available from 8am to 5:30pm on weekdays when NC State University is officially open.  Likewise, the NC State Help Desk services are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  If you need to report emergency situations outside these hours via telephone (and web/email is non-functional), please contact the CNR IT Director at (919) 515-5726 to leave a voice mail.