How do I change and maintain my NC State University Password?

The NC State Office of Information Technology provides a tool that enables faculty, staff, and students to update their passwords.  Visit here for more information.

Some quick tips:

  • Never tell anyone your password. It is a policy violation to let anyone else use your account.
  • OIT Staff will NEVER ask you for your password, so DO NOT respond to any e-mail requests for it.
  • If you feel that someone may have seen you type your password or that is has been compromised in some other way, be sure to create a new one immediately.
  • Never write your password down anywhere.
  • Never let anyone watch you type it on a computer.  If someone tries to watch, ask them to look away. Making this request is perfectly acceptable and is part of your responsibility to protect your password.
  • Improve your typing speed so that it will be harder for someone to see your keystrokes.
  • See Safe Computing at NC State for more details.