What is a Challenge/Response and how can it help?

User Identification and Authentication (UIA) is an online verification procedure implemented by the Office of Information Technology and used by University help desks to identify customers who make telephone requests to have their passwords reset.

The verification procedure requires you, the user, to complete a simple survey containing three questions and answers that will be used as verification of your identity by University Help Desk personnel. You will be required to supply three questions and answers.

When completing the survey, make sure your questions and answers are only familiar to you. For security purposes, please do not share your information with anyone. At any time, if you feel this information has been compromised, please change your questions and answers immediately. Please do not compose questions that have True, False, Yes, or No as a response since these responses are too easy for someone to guess.

Any time after you have supplied these questions and answers, should you forget your password and need to have it reset, contact the NC State University Help Desk at 515-HELP for assistance. Using your userid, a Help Desk staff member will locate these questions and answers and will verify your identity by asking you for your response to one or more of your questions prior to resetting your password.

If you cannot answer any of the questions asked by Help Desk personnel you will be required to bring a picture ID to the West Dunn Building in order for your password to be reset.

If you have technical difficulties with UIA, please contact the NC State University Help Desk at 515-HELP or via email.

Listed below are some examples of UIA questions and answers:

Question: In what city were you born?
Answer: Mayberry, NC

Question: Who is your dentist?
Answer: Dr. Root Canal

Question: Who is your Doctor?
Answer: Dr. Johnny B Good

We hope these questions will provide you with enough guidance to get you started! To provide you with the best possible security system, please refrain from using these questions and answers.