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Policy Analyst, Renewable Energy & Wildlife

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Policy Analyst, Renewable Energy & Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife

This professional-level position will contribute to Defenders of Wildlife’s renewable energy development and wildlife conservation efforts, with a focus on offshore wind energy development (Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as the Great Lakes). The analyst will lead Defenders’ engagement with federal and state policies and permitting processes for offshore development, focusing on offshore wind energy development risk to sensitive species, particularly those protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).. The Analyst will coordinate with Defenders’ renewable energy and wildlife team on our cross-cutting land-based and offshore-wind energy portfolio to ensure consistent implementation of national programs and policies. The Renewable Energy and Wildlife Policy Analyst will also ensure integration with Defenders’ other policy program priorities and work closely with our Field Conservation, Government Relations, Conservation Law, Communications and other departments.

Responsibilities of this position include providing leadership on development and implementation of effective offshore renewable energy regulations, policies, and programs to advance wildlife-responsible renewable energy at the pace and scale needed to mitigate climate change consistent with Defenders’ strategic conservation goals. The Analyst will work closely and collaboratively with conservation partners, federal agencies, states, and other stakeholders to further our objectives; coordinate and/or assist Defenders’ advocacy efforts to influence legislation, federal regulations, policies, and conservation/mitigation strategies; support Defenders’ staff across the organization’s renewable energy work and other relevant issues; and represent Defenders in public fora, including the news media.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Identify and engage in priority federal and state policy efforts (legislative and administrative) critical to advancing wildlife-responsible offshore wind energy development. 

Assess project-level development plans (e.g., reviewing environmental risk assessment documents completed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), ESA, MMPA, etc.; drafting recommendations to minimize wildlife impacts from renewable energy development; and meeting with stakeholders on priority policy and environmental risk issues) to advance Defenders’ renewable energy and wildlife conservation goals offshore. 

Closely coordinate engagement on renewable energy and wildlife conservation issues with relevant Field Conservation offices, Government Relations, and other key staff.

Regularly share regional and national perspectives on legislation, development trends and policy implementation related to wildlife-responsible offshore wind energy development with the Director of Renewable Energy and Wildlife.

Represent Defenders in collaborative efforts related to renewable energy development both at the project-scale and in larger planning, policy and regulatory processes (including, e.g., outreach to conservation partners, states, regulatory agencies, utilities, developers and other entities) to further Defenders’ departmental and organizational objectives.

Represent Defenders in public meetings, hearings, press events, conferences, coalitions, and in general communications with public officials, legislators, the media, Defenders’ membership, donors, and the general public. 

Work with the Director of Renewable Energy and Wildlife, the Vice President of Landscape Conservation and Development staff on reporting requirements for existing grants and identify and pursue opportunities to raise additional funds to support the program.

Research, write, and/or review and edit Defenders’ reports, articles, factsheets, news releases, webpages, and other publications.

Support activities across Defenders’ Renewable Energy and Wildlife program (whether onshore or offshore) to ensure consistency within the program and to advance cohesive, strategic renewable energy development policies across the United States. 

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