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US Forest Service

The position is in the Resource Use Section of the Forest Inventory and Analysis Research Work Unit 4801 (SRS- FIA) at the Southern Research Station in Knoxville, Tennessee. SRS-FIA is part of a nationwide program which collects, processes, compiles, analyzes, and publishes a wide variety of comprehensive multi-resource information and statistics about the forest resources in the United States. FIA inventories have expanded to include all forest and rangeland renewable natural resources, and to gather data on an annual basis. FIA and accompanying Timber Product Output (TPO) programs are the authoritative source of multi-resource information for public agencies with Federal, State, and local governments, universities, researchers, forest industry, other private companies, and consultants. These data are in constant demand, both in their raw form and as detailed analyses for States and multi-State areas. Forest industry's reliance on FIA and TPO forest resource statistics and evaluations is extensive. Forest industry and public agencies rely on these resource evaluations as vital input into the formulation of forestry programs, industrial expansion decisions, and forest policy. FIA and TPO data have been, are, and will be the foundation upon which decisions to invest billions of dollars in the South are based. Comprehensive forest resource evaluations on a continuing basis are vital for the Region, constituent States, and for sub-State areas. The resource use analyst is a member of a group responsible for collecting, processing, and reporting large amounts of statistical data from primary mill surveys along with harvest utilization studies.

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Knoxville, Tennessee United States
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